JoshKosmanJosh Kosman has been covering the financial industry for twelve years. He is a reporter for the New York Post, a former editor at Mergermarket.com and a former senior writer for The Deal and Buyouts Newsletter. He appears frequently in the media as a private equity and mergers expert.


Appeared May 22, 2012, MSNBC , I debate University of Maryland Professor Peter Morici arguing that private equity firms typically buy profitable businesses and cripple them, and do not aid businesses in need of help.

Village Voice Media in an April 24, 2012 cover story interviews me about Mitt Romney’s Bain record.

Appeared January 13, 2012, Fox Business, I reveal what Mitt Romney considered when buying companies and criticize a New York Times op-ed defending Romney and Bain Capital.

Appeared January 12, 2012, Fox Business, I explain to Lou Dobbs how Mitt Romney’s claim of creating 100,000 jobs makes little sense since he is combining venture capital investments in which he did not control the businesses, with companies he controlled through leveraged buyouts.

Appeared January 7, 2012, MSNBC’s UP With Chris Hayes interviewed me to learn about how Mitt Romney made money by hurting businesses (my segment is at the bottom of link).

Appeared December 12, 2010, Bob Brinker’s Money Talks (starts at 5:50)

Appeared November 27, 2010, Two Beers With Steve Podcast

Appeared July 16, 2010, PBS NewsHour

Appeared January 20, 2010, CBC News Lang & O’Leary Exchange

Appeared December 8, 2009, Forbes.com and second video

Appeared November 26, 2009, Op-ed in Boston Globe

Appeared November 24,2009, Time.com

Appeared November 17, 2009, CNBC-TV Squawk on the Street

Appeared November 16, 2009, NPR Radio: Fresh Air with Terry Gross

Appeared November 9, 2009, Times of London

Appeared October 29, 2009, WSJ.com

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    Few people realize that the top private equity firms, such as Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, have become the nation’s largest employers through the businesses they own.